You are on a webpage devoted to my car Fiat 126p, as it earned this for sure. I own this car since 2003 and there were many times I had regrets about this. I have beed asked often about this car, but this is not possible to describe all the problems and charms, which I had to face with, when got this car to my ownership.

That's why I decided to collect the information about this car here. You can find not only the pictures and stories about my Barbus, but general information, technical and historical facts, insteresting projects and lots of other staff can be found here.

The action point is for me: not to forget to add something interesting here and this is possible, that you will want to have the same car into your ownership.

 If you are the owner of Fiat 126p or Fiat 500, please find time to get in contact with me. I have no doubts, that we shall find a lot of interesting topics for conversations, but now, enjoy the webpage and...


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